Dog Training Whistle

  • Dog Training whistle:Use the dog training whistle rather than the voice to get your dog to return or obey commands. The dog training whistle is a more consistent sound that you can use it to teach your dog unlimited commands such as sit, come to you, stop barking, stay, toilet training and more.
  • Adjustable:Dogs can't hear all frequencies, but you can adjust the pitch for corresponding frequency to fit your dog the best. The sound will not annoyed you and who is around you, it is an ultra-sonic sound that is fit dogs well.
  • Free Lanyard:Our dog training whistle comes with free premium quality lanyard strip,letting you wear it around your neck and under your shirt. Never worry about it being lost or misplacing.
  • Materical :Our dog whistle is made of premium quality Aluminum Alloy, making it more durable and resistant to rust.

Category: pets

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