Pet Heating Pad

  • Waterproof & Moisture-proof Pet Heating Pad Durable oxford fabric and waterproof material for long- lasting, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, dust free, anti-electric shock (ensure your pet's safety), easy to clean by hand.
  • Chew Resistant Design Chew Resistant Steel Cord can prevent the your pet from electric shock when bite the wire.Keep the wire service life and pet safety. The chew resistant cord with well anti-chewing ,but it is can not as Chew Toy to be use.
  • Durable And PVC Fireproof Material For Long lasting, soft, comfortable, flexible, waterproof, dust free, anti-electric shock (ensure your pet’s safety) and chew resistant removable cover is easy to clean by hand.
  •  Power-Off Protection Temperature Control High/low temperature control. The temperature can be adjusted 2 levels, (1) 45*45cm: high power 30w, low power 15w (2) 50*70cm: high power 55w, low power 28w, It protects your pet from overheating.
  • Widely Application Suitable for senior pets, arthritic pets, new born pets, pregnant pets and ill pets, it can be placed in your existing pet's bed or just let your pet lay on it directly. Perfect for dog houses, porches, garage floors, barns, or even the living room.

Product description


1. Pet heating pad: suitable for advanced animals such as cats and dogs, arthritic pets, newborn pets, pregnant pets or animals recovered from illness or injury. It help pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) keep warm and comfortable in winter.
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof pet heating pad: durable waterproof printing material. The interior is fire retardant cotton which is durable, comfortable, dust-free, anti-shock (to ensure your pet is safe), easy to clean by hand
3. Power-off protection temperature control: high/low temperature control.

4.The wire is protected by a bite tube to prevent pets from biting the wire.


1. Do not fold when it is powering on! Remember to unplug the power when it is not in use!
2. Please do not use a sharp tool to cut the surface of the heating pad!
3. Do not open the heating pad privately!
4. The surface material is waterproof material which is not removable and washable. It cannot be washed in the water. If the surface is dirty, you can wipe the dust off with a damp cloth!


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